The first chapter of The Profession of Pharmacy includes a discussion of the dual nature of pharmacy, as profession and business, and relates pharmacy to the other health professions, notably medicine, dentistry and nursing. Chapter 2 gives an over-all view of pharmacy by means of a description of the discovery and development of an important modern drug, penicillin. Most of the remainder of the text is devoted to the major fields of practice. The final chapter deals with the changes that are anticipated in the years ahead in the light of recent development in pharmacy and other health professions.

The Profession of Pharmacy An Introduction Textbook

  • By Richard A. Deno, Thomas D. Rowe, Donald C. Brodie. Collectible vintage book. xii + 264 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket. Dust jacket has some tears. Pages have some yellowing. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 66-11666. $30.00 Published in 1966