You are governed by your words because they set the course for your life. It is time to change, and set your life on God's trajectory for you. It begins with your speech. When you change your speech, you change your thinking, believing, and the course of your life.

This book will enable you to transform your life into becoming who you were created to be. You will learn:

How to cancel the negative words you have spoken over your life in the past, and replace them with the right words.

How to handle trouble, and how to cooperate with God to turn your troubles and crises into triumphs.

How God wants to use your crisis to bring about a material change such as increase (wealth transfer), promotion, healing, etc. in your life.

The importance of confessing God's Word as a key to transforming your life, and manifesting God's goodness in your life.

The Power to Transform

  • by Ene I. Ette, MBA, Ph.D, FCP, FCCP ix + 305 pp. - paperbound - ISBN 978-0-9903114-3-0 - $14.95 Published 2014 by Alaythace Publishing