This book analyzes the various motions and sensations that contribute to violin technique and provides methods to learn and master these techniques. Though this work discusses most of the techniques used in violin playing, it is not possible to discuss every aspect of violin technique in any book. Technique is incredibly personal; every musician must first understand the basics of technique before exploring more advanced methods. Building strong introductory skills will give students a strong foundation upon which to develop their own unique and sophisticated style.

This work is primarily intended for students who already understand the basics of most violin techniques and who wish, with the help of a skilled and experienced teacher, to enhance their playing ability by improving technique and musicality. This book is also suitable for advanced players and teachers who wish to improve their techniques while learning new and effective teaching strategies for almost every violinistic issue.

Playing the Violin

  • Written and compiled by Derek J. Voigt 98 pp. -- paperbound -- ISBN 978-0-929375-13-7 -- $25.00 Published in 2015