Created for the beginner student, the pieces included in this book serve as a valuable educational resource with the aid of an experienced teacher. This new and comprehensive method maintains the same pedagogical techniques and pieces that have been tested and proven to work over time.

This book consists of pieces of music in a progressive order of skills. The emphasis on notation is evident from the beginning, as note reading is taught from the first lesson as each song is written out in music notation. Most songs in this book contain a separate page of written letter names to aid this learning style. This book introduces new notes and concepts in such a way as to make everything as easy as possible for the student.

When taught by an experienced teacher, this method will teach students to read music proficiently at a beginning level and play basic repertoire on his/her instrument with great success. The pieces in this book are intended to make the student love playing his/her instrument, as well as progress at a fast pace. Upon completing this book, the student should be sufficiently prepared to tackle many etudes, concerti and other pieces of music that are designed for beginner students. The teacher should determine which pieces are best for the development of the individual student.

Early Success Cello-A Comprehensive String Method

  • Written and compiled by Derek J. Voigt 115 pp. -- spiralbound -- ISBN 978-0-929375-24-3 -- $25.00 Published in 2015