Dr. Milap Nahata

Dr. Milap Nahata, a distinguished member of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy faculty, recently received multiple awards for his contributions to pharmacy. In February, Dr. Nahata was presented the John Piecoro Pioneer in Pediatric Pharmacy Award from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy for his pioneering contributions to pediatric pharmacy. In April, he was given the Julius W. Sturmer Memorial Lecture Award for Commitment to Innovative Pharmacy Practice and Pediatric Pharmacotherapy from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Nahata is an emeritus professor of pharmacy and pediatrics and internal medicine with the Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine. He is also the director of the Institute of Therapeutic Innovations and Outcomes (ITIO). Nahata began his academic career in clinical pharmacy education, practice, research, and service at Ohio State in 1977. He was division chair of Pharmacy Practice and Administration at the College of Pharmacy and associate director of the Medical Center Department of Pharmacy during 1998-2013 when the division became widely recognized for its innovative pharmacy practices and residencies in ambulatory and community pharmacy, vibrant education and research programs, and strong partnerships with other health sciences, practice settings and the community.

He has received numerous awards from colleges of pharmacy and national organizations. He is a Fellow of ACCP, APhA, ASHP, American Academy of Microbiology, American College of Clinical Pharmacology, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He has presented over 300 invited lectures in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States, including more than 20 distinguished lectureships at various colleges of pharmacy.

Nahata is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Academy of Sciences. He has served as President of both AACP and ACCP, and as chair or member of various national committees within pharmacy organization. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Former pharmacy students and fellows contributed to the establishment of the Milap Nahata Distinguished Lectureship at OSU College of Pharmacy in 2012.

With research focused in pediatric pharmacotherapy, Nahata has authored or coauthored over 600 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters and five books, largely about the treatment of conditions affecting pediatric patients; majority of drugs are used off-label and have not been well studied in this population.

Congratulations to Dr. Nahata for his most recent honors.

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