Coming Soon! The Fifth Annual Music & Medicine Conference

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Some of the learning objectives include:

Enhancing Psychosocial Well Being In Children: a vocal approach

  • To discuss the voice as a foundation for creative musical expression in children.

  • To more fully understand the biological and psychosocial framework and peer-reviewed scientific literature for creative musical expression.

  • To review the elements of group dynamics and disclosure as an effective stress reduction strategy.

  • To explore the principal transcendent elements of engaging children in expressive vocal activities as a means for overcoming life's stresses and strains.

Music Perception & Cognition

  • To understand the role of music in motion pictures and other forms of multimedia.

  • To learn about empirical research methods used to determine the impact of music in the context of various forms of multimedia.

  • To learn about the use of brain imaging techniques (MEG) and how they can inform us about neurological responses to audio, visual, and audio-visual stimuli.

Special Feature: Opiate Withdrawal & Wellness

  • To describe the differences between opiate and alcohol use disorder.

  • To appreciate the role of medical and alternative therapies (including music therapy) in opiate and alcohol withdrawal.

  • To recognize the scope of response to the opiate and heroin epidemic in Ohio.

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