December 22, 2016

As someone who has Crohn's disease, I've noticed that there's a pretty significant lack of knowledge and a lot of misunderstanding surrounding these conditions. For Crohn's and colitis awareness month, here's what you should know:

"What is Crohn's disease and/or colitis...

December 14, 2016

Frequent bowel movements, urgency, abdominal pain — if you’re living with the unpredictable symptoms of ulcerative colitis (UC), you may often find yourself wondering, “Is this normal?”

In truth, there is no real norm when it comes to ulcerative colitis, an inflamm...

December 13, 2016

8 Common Ulcerative Symptoms (continued)

Weight loss. People with ulcerative colitis often experience loss of appetite and have trouble absorbing nutrients from the foods they eat — and that means they may lose weight, the CCFA explains. This can lead to fatigue and low...

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