10 Things Your Kidneys Do

Filter 200 liters of blood a day, removing two liters of toxins, wastes and water Regulate the body’s hydration and water balance Regulate blood pressure by controlling fluid levels and making the hormone that causes blood vessels to constrict Support healthy bones and tissues by producing the active form of Vitamin D ​Produce the hormone that stimulates bone marrow to manufacture red blood cell Keep blood minerals in balance Keep electrolytes in balance Regulate blood acid levels Remove certain drugs from the blood Eliminate excess water-soluble vitamins Statistics 26 million American adults (age 20+) have chronic kidney disease. More than 900,000 Michigan adults (age 20+) have chronic kidn

March is National Kidney Month

Your kidneys perform many important functions, such as: Remove drugs, toxins and waste products from your blood. Regulate and balance fluids in your body. Release hormones that help keep your blood pressure normal. Held produce vitamin D, which promotes strong, healthy bones Help produce red blood cells. Each kidney contains tiny structures called nephrons, and each nephron takes unfiltered blood, "cleans" it and shuttles the waste materials to your bladder. The filtered blood is then sent back out to circulate in your body. If your kidneys aren't working well, they don't filter blood properly, which means harmful harmful substances can build up in your blood. Types and Causes of Kidne