You Can Now Leave Reviews!

Harvey Whitney Books recently added the exciting option of leaving reviews of our books. To do so go to the order page and select the red arrow "REVIEWS". You will then be taken to the "reviews" page where you can select the book that you would like to review. Be the first person to submit feedback on one of our books and we will give a 15% discount on your next purchase! You can use the discount for yourself or share it with a colleague or friend. #new #reviews #bookreview #newoption #feedback #comments #review

Coming Soon! The Fifth Annual Music & Medicine Conference

Register to for the 5th Annual Music & Medicine Conference ( Some of the learning objectives include: Enhancing Psychosocial Well Being In Children: a vocal approach To discuss the voice as a foundation for creative musical expression in children. To more fully understand the biological and psychosocial framework and peer-reviewed scientific literature for creative musical expression. To review the elements of group dynamics and disclosure as an effective stress reduction strategy. To explore the principal transcendent elements of engaging children in expressive vocal activities as a means for overcoming life's stresses and strai