It is a great pleasure for us to provide this 7th edition of Pediatric Drug Formulations. The first edition of this book was conceived nearly 30 years ago, and the publication of each edition since has been extremely rewarding to meet the needs of pediatric patients.

   Access to drug formulations suitable for various pediatric age groups is the first step in ensuring optimal outcomes with their pharmacotherapy. The need for extemporaneously prepared formulations in neonates, infants, and children continues despite the recent FDA regulations promoting approval of medications for the pediatric population.

   This edition includes 540 formulations, representing a substantial increase from 363 formulations in the 6th edition. We appreciate the contributions of practitioners, educators, and researchers for their contributions to the care of our children. We are grateful to all of you for use of this book to serve pediatric patients.

Milap C. Nahata

Vinita B. Pai

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The 7th Edition of Pediatric Drug Formulations

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